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We admire the work of entrepreneurs around the world to make new environmentally friendly technologies and solutions economically viable. Whether at an early development or at a more mature operational stage, we are ready to work with you on long-term financing solutions with an objective to expand your business. We are an active partner to all businesses we invest in, sharing our operational expertise as well as engaging our international network in different industries.

In which companies we invest:

Companies which either possess an innovative technology or develop an innovative business model that, if commercially successful, will contribute to the mitigation of climate change / reduction in single use plastic pollution.

We are currently focused on businesses that help decarbonise heavy industry (steel / cement / petrochemicals / others).

At which stages we invest:

Series A / B / C.

Pre-series A (bridge) occasionally.

Project equity.

Stages of the investment process:

Based on the investor deck you send us we will conduct Preliminary analysis of the opportunity. Knowing what we are looking for, please talk about the net impact you are going to make with your business, in quantifiable terms. Please also include your financial projections and valuation you seek. We might have additional questions at this stage and look to get in touch with you either in writing or by phone.

If we see a potential fit for our portfolio and an interesting investment opportunity we will seek an Introductory meeting with your team. At this stage we will ask to meet your team in person as both sides need to see if the ‘chemistry’ is right. We will use this opportunity to discuss all questions outstanding, your target valuation and our potential involvement, but also our expectations in terms of impact measurement and reporting and a wider ESG profile of the business.

If all goes well we would go into a Due diligence stage, where we will most probably ask you for additional documents and often work with a third party for legal and compliance checks.

Based on the outcomes of the due diligence process as well as our Investment Committee decision we will come back with either a final Investment proposal or with a decision to withdraw.

If we go to the Investment proposal stage and you accept our offer we will aim to Close the deal rapidly so that you can proceed with your operational work rather than spend time on administrative tasks. Depending on your situation and preferences we can support you at this stage with our legal resources.

Will you hear from us after the Deal Close:

Yes, and quite often, even if we don’t have a Board seat. We aim to be an active investor which does not necessarily mean a painful investor. We will be happy to share our network and expertise to help you open new markets, streamline your operations and share our thoughts on your long-term strategy and ESG issues integration. And we will be asking to see impact measured along the way.

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